#1 health tracking app that puts privacy first

Best Life, the health app to track anything

Build or break habits, track your physical and mental health, and keep up with to-do lists, all in one place.

Best Life Unifies data from multiple sources

Your data is not held hostage here. Move operating systems, switch smart trackers, or change to/from other apps.

Let real data bolster your decision-making

Take back control over your health

Track symptoms, treatments, medications, habits, and anything else. Get automatic insights in-app or take the reins to compare data directly.

Use your data to reinforce health decisions. Never be gaslit by providers again.

best life habit tracker app all-in-one health tracker

Flexible & customizable

Features to empower you

Finally, a habit tracker that doesn’t force you into a template. 

Mood diary & stress tracker

Use Best Life as a mood tracker to keep up with mood journaling. Combine moods with stress ratings to unlock new insights.

Pain & symptom tracker

Best Life offers flexible tracking that can be used to keep up with symptoms of all kinds – from chronic condition symptoms to seasonal sniffles.

Body map (CHOIR coded)

Symptom and pain tracking comes with a body map. Each body location is matched with the CHOIR pain coding so your data makes sense to physicians.

Local weather and environment

Review your current and historical weather & environmental data alongside your tracking. Compare any event to the weather without bias.

Trend analysis & statistics

Want more insights but don’t want to figure out what to review? Best Life sends automatic trend and statistical analysis directly to your in-app inbox.

But wait, there’s more! Best Life is expanding it’s features to include artificial intelligence (AI) that will give you even more insight into your data. 

Identify triggers for chronic conditions

Visualize how weather impacts your health

You don’t need to assume. You can prove your point with your symptom tracking alongside your local environment and weather data.

Yes, the barometric pressure will cause flare-ups. Does it for you?

Best Life is the only health tracking app that includes your local environment and weather data.

Build or break habits without bias

Keep healthy habits top of mind

Trying to write more, or go for daily walks? Whether you’re trying to build or break habits, always remember to take your medication, or keep up with regular household tasks, Best Life has your back.

best life app to track anything

Built by a nonprofit data foundation

Privacy is not a crime

Companies and app developers are notorious for risking your personal information. No one addresses that your data goes to the highest bidder in cases of business downturn. Not with Best Life.

We built our mobile app as a frontend for a nonprofit data foundation. Your data is stored in a nonprofit and protected under US federal law as a donor-related asset. Rest easy, knowing your data won’t be going anywhere without you moving it.

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